How can I create a new user?

From Manage Users off the Account page, use the 'plus' icon at the top to add a new user.

You can create a number of different users under the same account, for example family members. This ensures you keep temperature readings, medicines and some settings separate for each.

  1. To add a new user, use the 'plus' icon at the top-right of the page.
  2. The user profile page will look similar to the following:
  3. Fill in the information as follows:
    1. User name - restricted to just letters, numbers, spaces, full stop and dash here.
    2. Who is this? - select a description that best fits this user.
    3. Sex - please specify the user's sex.
    4. Birth month/year - to protect privacy we just ask for the birth month and year of this user rather than the actual birth date.
    5. Please enable the "Data processing" option. This does not commit you to sharing personal temperature data. You are simply granting Celsium permission to use this user's temperature data anonymously for wider analysis, for example helping spot trends to enable earlier identification of illness.
    6. Low and high temperature alert - the default limits are chosen by a GP and so should be fine for most purposes. See this article for more information about setting temperature alerts.
    7. Sensor serial number - this only shows the serial number of the sensor (if any) that is associated with this user, it will be blank when adding a user.
    8. Monitor this user - slide the toggle to 'on' to make this user 'current'.
  4. Press "Done" at the top when finished. If you simply use the back-arrow, your changes will not be applied (use this as a means of backing out of changes you don't want to save).
  5. If you switched on 'Monitor this user' you will be taken straight to the home (readout) page.

Need specific support?

Please email direct.