How do I update a user's details?

Go to 'Manage Users' from the Account page and tap on the user you want to change.

  1. Go to the Account page and tap on "Manage Users"
  2. To modify an existing user, tap on their name.
  3. The user profile page will be pre-populated with the existing user details. Change them as necessary.
  4. The sensor serial number plays no part when updating users. The app shows the serial number of the sensor (if any) that is associated with this user.
  5. Monitor this user - switch this on if you want this user to become the 'current' user i.e. the one whose name appears at the top of the readout page and who receives temperature monitoring or medication.
  6. Press "Done" at the top when finished. If you simply use the back-arrow, your changes will not be applied (use this as a means of backing out of changes you don't want to save). If you switched on 'Monitor this user' you will be taken straight to the readout page.

Note: You can't edit the user name after the user has been created. This is because readings stored on the cloud have been tagged with various information including the user name.

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