How do I update my account settings?

Tap the 'account' icon at the foot of the app main 'home' screen and change settings there.

From the main readout page, tap the right-hand 'head' icon in the lower navigation menu to enter Account Settings:

On this page, you have control over account-level settings (they apply across all users):

  1. Manage users - takes you to a list of users you have defined. Tap on one to view or change any details.
  2. Give me temperature alerts - if on, you will see temperature out-of-range warnings in the readout page message bar and hear audible warnings when the temperature goes outside your set limits (assuming the sound volume on your phone or tablet is high enough).
  3. Use alert sounds (beeps) - this controls whether you get a loud beeping when the app is visible on the screen and the temperature reading goes out of range or connection is lost to the sensor or remote monitoring for more than 5 minutes. Note that you won't hear the beeps if you have the sound turned down on your phone.
  4. Time to mute sounds - the audible beeps as just described will go on for the time period specified by this option before the app stops them.
  5. Use 24-hour clock - this is a preference of clock type for graph axes and medicine due times etc.
  6. For reset password, refer to this article.
  7. The sign out button stops any current temperature monitoring and signs you out of the app. Normally there is no need to use this button.

Note: As these are just settings, there is no "Done" button and any changes are applied when you leave the page.

Need specific support?

Please email direct.