How can I see a graph of recent temperature?

Use the main graph page - tap the 'graph' icon on the main readout page and select a time period.

This gives you choices for the graphing timescale, unlike the readout page "mini-graph" which only shows the past couple of hours at best.

  1. Access the main graph page via the graphing navigation icon on the readout page.
  2. This page is best used in device 'landscape' mode. Rotate your device accordingly.
  3. Simply choose a time period from the pick list and watch the graph take shape.
  4. By default the graph will show medicine icons where doses were taken. Due and overdue medicines are not shown here. Tap on an icon to show the medicine name and the last-taken detail.
  5. Tap on a graphing point to find out the precise reading and date/time. If a medicine icon is over this point, both pieces of information will be shown.
  6. This app doesn't reproduce features that are already on every mobile device. If you want to e-mail, edit or do anything else with the graph, please save it as a picture (like this on iOS, this for Android) and use your device's inbuilt capabilities.
  7. When you've finished, go back to the readout page using the back-arrow.

Need specific support?

Please email direct.