How do I change the temperature alert limits?

By either using the upper and lower limit on the app home screen, or by editing the limits set on the user profile.

  1. The temperature alert limit means that the alert will sound if your temperature is not within the upper or lower temperature interval set.
    The same is true the other way round - if the current temperature is now in range, the warning and alarm will stop.
  2. Change a temperature alert limit by using the upper and lower limit controls near the top of the app home screen. On the left is the lower limit, to the right is the upper limit.
    These are set initially to values recommended by a GP, so there should be no need to change them.
  3. If you want to change the alert limit, just tap on the figure and choose a new limit from the pick list. You'll see the mini-graph redraw to show the revised limit.

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