I recorded the last dose wrongly. Can I change it?

Yes. Go to the medicine's details by tapping its name on the 'Taken' list. Use 'Change this last dose' in the Last Dose Taken section.

Changing the most recent dose is possible if, for example, you made a mistake and entered the wrong time or date.

  1. From the medicines list (tap on the pill icon on the readout page) tap the medicine name to take you into the details page.
  2. Using the "I want to..." menu in the Last Dose Taken section, select "Change this last dose".
  3. The time and date controls reappear and you can change the date.
  4. Press Done (at the top) to complete the change. You'll be kept on this page in case you want to record anything else about this medicine. If not, just back out of the page and carry on using the app.
  5. Note that this might change the count of doses in the past 24 hours depending on the time of the altered dose.

Need specific support?

Please email support@celsium.com direct.