How do I record a dose of a medicine?

Go to the Medicines screen and either tap on the medicine if you see it, or tap the 'plus' icon to add the medicine. Use the "Last Dose Taken" section of the page.

It might be helpful to read about the Medicines List first.

To get to the medicine, first tap on the medicine (pill) icon on the readout page to get to the list of recent medicines. Either tap on the medicine name if you see it, or use the 'plus' icon to add it (doesn't matter if it already exists).

You'll get to a medicine detail page like this:

Recording medication
  1. If there's no medicine name shown, pick either a standard fever-related medicine from the list or enter a name yourself.
  2. If the chosen medicine already exists for this user, the app will switch to showing the existing medicine details. This avoids potentially dangerous duplication.
  3. Use the "Last Dose Taken" section - this gives you the most common option of recording a new dose.
    1. If the 'Tap to set' button is visible it means no date and time is currently set. Tap the button to open out this part of the form.
    2. Ensure the "I want to..." menu in the Last Dose Taken section is set to "Record a new dose ".
    3. Either set a date and time manually using the date controls, or use the 'Quick set' menu which has some convenient likely options.
  4. While you're on this page you can set 'Next Dose Due' if you like, using the standard date and time controls or the 'Quick set' shortcuts.
  5. 'Notes' section - enter any free-text notes if you wish, up to 100 characters. These will be stored.

Note: Ensure you press "Done" at the top when finished. If you simply use the back-arrow, your changes will not be applied. (Use this as a means of backing out of changes you don't want to save.)

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