How can I get the app to connect to my Celsium sensor?

After turning on the Celsium sensor, swipe your finger downwards on the blue circle on the main home page of the app, where indicated.

Connecting your sensor:
  1. Swipe a finger downward within the blue circle.
  2. If another mobile device is already monitoring the temperature of this user you will see a 'remote' indication - see remote monitoring.
  3. Otherwise the app will scan for Celsium sensors. You will see the blue circle animated as the scanning process happens.
  4. Normally the scan finds one sensor, connects and pulls any stored temperature data off it. See below for help if that doesn't happen. The blue circle will show a percentage progress indicator inside it as the sensor sends its data to your phone or tablet.
  5. After this, normal temperature monitoring should start. The sensor sends a reading every 4 seconds, so the temperature displayed on your screen will be in real-time. The grey 'heartbeat' dot will blinks on or off every time a reading is received.

Tip: Keep the app open on your screen until your temperature stabilises.

Note: The average time for temperature to stabilise after connecting the sensor is 8 minutes. This is an average estimate and it may take longer for your temperature to stabilise. This also depends on whether the sensor is attached properly or not.

Note: Temperature readings are likely to be below the temperature limits set (shown above the blue circle on the home screen) before the sensor is attached to the underarm since the sensor will be recording room temperature.

Scanning didn't seem to work. What happened?

There are several reasons why the scanning process didn't work:

  1. No sensors were found. - This could be because:
    1. A Bluetooth connection isn't always 100% reliable, so trying to contact the sensor again (by swiping down) may work.
    2. There are no sensors in range (normally within 5 metres).
    3. The sensor is faulty or the battery is weak.
  2. The scan found multiple sensors:
    1. You are taken to a page containing a list of serial numbers of the found sensors. Simply tap on the sensor you want to use.
    2. The app then simply connects to the sensor you indicated.
    3. Next time you swipe-to-connect, the app will try to find this sensor in preference to any others that might be in range.
The sensor just disconnected. What should I do?

Please refer to our main article on unexpected sensor disconnection.

Need specific support?

Please email direct.