I see gaps on my temperature graph. What causes those?

Gaps on the graph are usually due to temperature readings being out of the graph's temperature range, often caused by a dislodged sensor or low battery.

It is possible that gaps can occur on your temperature graphs. The most common cause is temperature readings being outside the range covered by the graph, currently 35.0 to 40.0°C.

We sincerely hope the measured temperature isn't above 40°C - alarms on the app will have been triggered long before that if you have it enabled. More commonly the temperature has dropped below 35, which will also have triggered the alarm. Unless the person's temperature is really that low, it's likely the sensor has become dislodged or fallen off altogether. Without proper placement under the arm the sensor will not produce an accurate reading.

If your battery is getting low, the chances of disconnection increase. If the app can't reconnect for a period of time, a gap will develop on the graph until such a time as the sensor is reconnected and has enough battery power to upload its stored readings to the phone.

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