Can I monitor more than one person?

Yes, you create different users within your account. For simultaneous monitoring you need two Celsium sensors and two phones or tablets.

Even though the current version of the Celsium app can track more than one user and more than one sensor, it can only actually monitor one person at a time.

Monitoring 2 people at different times
  1. If there are two people in your household that need monitoring, call them Bob and Alice.
  2. Using the Manage Users option on the Account page you can create Bob and Alice as users within your account.
  3. If you want to monitor one of these, say Bob, ensure you slide the "Monitor this user" switch on before pressing 'Done' at the top of Bob's user details page.
  4. You should now be back at the app home page with Bob shown at the top, which tells you that Bob is going to be monitored.
  5. Make sure Bob is near your phone or tablet and swipe down.
  6. The app should find Bob's sensor if in range. Hopefully Bob's temperature data is all normal.

Let's say you now need to monitor Alice instead:

  1. If you want to stop monitoring Bob, you can tap the small 'sensor' icon and use the "Stop monitoring" button.
  2. Go to Account, Manage Users and tap on Alice.
  3. Switch "Monitor this user" on and don't forget to press 'Done'.
  4. Back on the app home page, ensure Alice has a sensor on and is near the phone or tablet.
  5. Swipe down to start monitoring her.
Monitoring 2 people simultaneously
  1. Ensure Bob and Alice both exist as users, see above.
  2. Attach sensor 1 to Bob and start monitoring him as usual.
  3. Using a different phone or tablet, sign in to the same account. You'll see the same users.
    Note: If the app is already running and you don't see Bob and Alice, close the app and start it again. It'll select the new users from the cloud.
  4. On this second phone, tap on Account and then Manage Users. Ensure "Monitor this user" is on for Alice.
  5. Attach sensor 2 to Alice and swipe down to start monitoring her.
  6. Now, Bob and Alice are both being monitored independently. Their temperature data will be stored on the cloud with no 'interference' between the two.

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