How do I monitor someone from another device?

This is called remote monitoring and is achieved by signing into the same account that has the monitored user, switching to that user and swiping down to monitor.

You can remotely monitor a person’s temperature on a different phone or tablet than the one that’s actually monitoring that person with a sensor. It works over the internet so the second (or subsequent) phone or tablet can be anywhere there is an internet connection.

Here's a typical sequence of events, which assume all devices are connected to the internet.

  1. Start monitoring someone, let's say Alice, who's wearing a sensor and being monitored on her own phone or tablet. Alice can see her own temperature being monitored using her own sensor in the image below:
  2. Make sure Alice has been monitored for at least a minute to make sure some of her readings have been stored.
  3. Let’s say that Bob wants to monitor Alice’s temperature on his phone and is living in a different household to Alice.
  4. For Bob to view Alice’s temperature, he makes sure he is signed in to the Celsium app using the same account as Alice’s. It’s generally not good practice to share your own account details, so in these cases we recommend using a household or other shared account where it’s OK that all parties know the password. Bob will sign out of the Celsium app if he is already signed in and will then log in again using Alice’s or the shared account details. The image below shows Alice’s details as an example:
  5. Bob checks to make sure he sees "Alice" at the top of the home screen. If not, he can follow these steps:
    1. Tap on 'Account' and then tap on Manage Users. Tap 'Alice'.
    2. Inside Alice's user profile page, slide the "Monitor this user" switch to 'on' and press "Done" to save the change and go back to the home page:
  6. Bob swipes down on the blue circle in the usual way. He then sees Alice's latest available temperature with the word "remote" underneath to show that the readings aren't being generated directly on Bob's phone:

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