How do I change the battery?

Use the battery tool to remove battery cover and use a narrow edged tool to carefully lift the battery out, replacing the battery cover afterwards.

Replace the battery when low battery is indicated, otherwise the sensor will not function as intended.

  1. Use the battery tool to open the battery cover.
  2. Rotate the cover clockwise towards the raised, hollow circle symbol:
  3. Then use a narrow edged tool to lift the battery carefully from the compartment, taking care to not damage the battery cradle:
  4. Replace the cover and rotate anticlockwise using the tool provided to close it.

Caution: The battery must be installed or replaced by an adult. Please put the battery and opening tool out of the reach of children.

Note: Make sure that the battery is the right way round and makes good contact with both positive and negative connectors. Whilst re-inserting, try to avoid bending the connector inside the battery compartment as this may reduce connectivity.

Tip: The battery should be removed from the compartment when not in use for greater than one month.

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