How do I use the adhesive patch?

Attach the back of the sensor to the patch and apply just below the natural crease of the armpit.

Note: Switch the sensor on before applying the patch to the armpit.

You can find the approximate battery power level when the sensor is switched on and synchronised with your phone or tablet.

  1. Remove the patch's cover. Do not reuse patches - if a patch is already folded over, a new one is required.
  2. Place the back of the sensor onto the surface of the patch – the back of the sensor is where you found the battery compartment. Make sure that the sensor is in the middle of the patch.
  3. Lift the arm naturally.
  4. Apply the sensor horizontally, just below the natural crease of the armpit. Please refer to our full instructions or introductory video. Removal of excess armpit hair in advance can help improve connection and so is advised where applicable.
  5. Hold arm against side. It will take 8 minutes on average for the temperature to stabilise.

Warning: Do not wear the sensor in the same place for more than 24 consecutive hours. For continuous monitoring remove the sensor and replace the patch and reapply in the same position on the opposite side. Repeat every 24 hours where continuous monitoring is required.

Note: An adult should help children wear and operate the sensor, to ensure the area of skin in contact with the sensor stays flat and smooth.

Tip: We recommend that you use the patches we provide from the original manufacturer. However, if you feel unwell (uncomfortable or allergic) when using the patch, replace it with another type of patch based on your doctor’s advice. A fully-covered patch (no smaller than 76mm × 62mm) should be used.

Need specific support?

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